Wildlife inside of the roll of toilet paper.

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Anastasia Elias is Parisian artist who worked mainly in the field of painting, but has recently taken a great interest in illustration. As Anastasia is a very creative person, she distinguishes from other people by her unusual mentality that allows her to think outside of the standards. It came to her the unusual idea - to create a graphic in a conventional toilet roll. Agree, it is an ordinary thing, which everyone uses in everyday life, but to use it in such way has never occurred to anyone yet. :)

Anastasia has decided to create a volume book of illustrations. Improvised steel were rolls of toilet paper and toilet paper itself. Using scissors and forceps Elias creates incredible world that is enclosed in rolls of toilet paper. From small scraps of paper grows fairy-tale world with its characters and scenery. To create one illustration artist spends about two hours. We can only admire the ideas, talent and patience of Anastasia Elias.

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