We built a tiny house, and now we are traveling around North America

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Recently among travelers the most popular means of transport is the camper. It is convenient, practical and profitable, but not everyone is ready to travel in a tin. That's why Jenna i Guillaume have designed and built their own type of camper.


To realize the dream Jenna i Guillaume were not afraid to quit their job, leave the past life and career behind. They constructed a small camper and went on an exciting journey through North America, trying to find themselves in road journalism.

Certainly together they wouldn't carry out such project, especially without having the slightest knowledge in the sphere of construction and planning. They have repeatedly resorted to the help of qualified architects, but all the work on the construction was done by their own efforts and with the help of their friends.


The house is built of high quality log construction; it is fully heat-insulated and also has an excellent soundproofing. Though it is not so big by sight, inside there is everything necessary for comfortable living - kitchen, shower, toilet, bedroom and even a mini living room. Everything is compact and placed thoughtfully.

For the construction of this house it was required for them:

- Cash - trailer: $ 4 400, windows: $ 3 944, supplies: $ 20 884

- TOTAL = $ 29320


- Working hours - 1000 (a very heavy and hard-working) hours.

- Screws - about 8000 pcs

- Drunk beer - it is impossible to count ;)

But all these resources and efforts were spent not for nothing, because achieving your dream is priceless, says Jenna and Guillaume.

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