Vietnamese master embody diligence and patience into origami

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You have never seen such origami and more over you have not thought that it's possible to create something like that.


Tran Trung Hieu was the man whose work can not be called simple origami, because it is a work of art! In fact, he is an ordinary chemistry teacher in Vietnam, and most of his life is committed to science and education of children. Nevertheless, all his spare time he gives to his hobby.

Using only paper, without the aid of any improvised means, Tran Trung Hieu creates animal figures, objects and even the human figure. His hobby calls Origami - the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Who else but only the Japanese were able to invent this type of art, because it is not only hard work, but also the incredible patience and logical chain that allows you to calculate the further actions. Trang Trung Hieu is the best artist and member of the Association of origami in Vietnam.


Look at his work and just for fun try to make at least one cube :)

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