Custom handmade turntables of wood-savvy audio nuts

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The heart of each turntable is components from the legendary English audio wizards at Rega, who have made their reputation as leaders in high end, elegant, incredible sounding audio gear. The glass platter shows off the beautiful wood, but it’s also heavy for speed stability and made for precision. The tonearm is a result of masterful engineering, designed to move your music all the way to your speakers just the way it was intended to be heard. The belt drive system is made with precision to deliver low vibration, low noise, and highly accurate speed.

The wood is individually selected for each turntable to be a thing of beauty that will have almost as much impact when it’s silent as it will when you turn it up and start dancing.

Our vision is to make one-of-a-kind objects of art that will be the centerpiece of any home entertainment system. We believe that if your music is unique, if it has soul and life and beauty, the things you use to play it should have all the same character. Mass-produced just isn’t good enough.

Construction is all by hand, from the shaping and planing, to the routing, soldering, setup, and testing. We’ll even align the cartridge perfectly and set the counterweight so you can just plug it in and go.

The three models


The Archer

The Archer starts with the high quality parts of Rega's RP1, with RB101 tonearm, precision bearing, quartz-locked motor, and Rega Carbon cartridge. It includes an upgrade to the heavyweight, speed-stable glass platter to make it that much nicer to look at and listen to. This is a perfect entry into the world of high-end audio that doesn’t cost the earth.


The Champion

Take the Archer and upgrade just about everything. A more precise motor and pulley, an upgraded bearing and subplatter, more refined Shure phono cartridge (the M97xE, but if you prefer another cartridge, let us know!) and maybe most impressively, the highly praised RB303 tonearm ($600 on its own). This is definitely a big step up – you’ll be playing in the audiophile big leagues.


The Sampo

Whether this is the first step to a thoroughly indulgent hi-fi system or the last piece, the Sampo is the ultimate expression of the Silvan line. The platter is heavier and includes another layer of float glass in a ring shape that creates a flywheel effect for incredibly stable speed. The subplatter adds a machined aluminum layer for precision and additional resonance dampening. Power is run through Rega's TT-PSU, which generates a perfect 60 Hz sine wave to remove any fluctuations or abnormalities in power supply and keep you running at a very precise 33 1/3 RPM. In addition, speed can be switched to 45 RPM with a button press so that you won't need to move the belt to the other pulley yourself. Topping all of this is the very impressive AT150MLX microline cartridge (again, contact us with other preferences if you like), which will get deep into the grooves to pull out all the finest detail from your music.

Text and Images from: Kickstarter

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