Today we want to introduce you with the works of Hontariel

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You may immediately think that Hontariel is a new form of art, or the latest technology, however it is a pen-name of Russian painter and sculptor Eugene Hontor. This talented man was born in Krasnodar, but currently lives in Moscow, where you can get acquainted with his works and buy it.


Most often, Eugene Hontor illustrates in fantasy style. The artworks of the painter suggest philosophical reflections, although a large proportion of his work are paintings and sculptures of animals. By the way, the author earns by selling sculptures of various animals nowadays. Works of Hontariel are very complied from a technical point of view as it consist of a large number of details and trifles. In his masterpieces he uses the so-called "velvet plastic", wire, beads, acrylic and semi precious stones. We do not think that exactly the cheapness of the used materials make his work significant. Namely the fact that when we look at his illustration or sculpture, we go back to childhood, to the fabulous world of simple things and warmness.

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