The paintings were done with the help of nature, agricultural implements and fantasy of the author

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Stan Herd is an exceptional artist from America. Over the last thirty years, he did not create a single picture using paints and brush. While creating his masterpieces, he uses only seedlings of various plants and agricultural tools.  It helps him to transform this field into a masterpiece of art. To see these creations you will have to climb higher and preferably up to a height of bird flight, but believe these efforts will reward you.

The author calls his paintings "earthworks". The works of Stan Herd are very diverse; you can find the landscape, portrait, and still life paintings. The pictures are so tight-knit and consist of a large number of parts. It is difficult to imagine how much work and time he spent to create it. Not every author can create so elegant and beautiful even on paper. It is attractive that Stan has never repeated any work for over thirty years of creating! To our pleasure he does not have any plans to stop!

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