The lost Cave in the US

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In the East Part of Tennessee, the North State of US in 1998 was discovered cave by American surveyors Marion Smith and John Schwarz . Until the last autumn, this discovery was kept in a secret and only now we can admire these creations of nature.

The photographer Stephen Alvarez, who works with National Geographic had a difficult task - to take pictures of the cave and reveal all its beauty and charm. Firstly, it occupies the territory of 4 to 5 acres, and secondly any light comes through. To illuminate the area for a photograph is almost impossible. However Steve is used to achieve the goals and he is not afraid of any difficulties. He found at his house about 20 old incandescent bulbs which he had used during shooting.

More over to picture this beauty, you need to get there. For this the photographer took the help of ten experienced surveyors who had paved the way and helped to carry the equipment. Team members had to lower down to a depth of 80 feet, pass through the finest channels and very low conversions. In some areas they even had to crawl.


Due to the efforts of the magnificent photographer Stephen Alvarez and his assistants, we can see today this beautiful, incredible room in the cave where we ​​can never get in real life. For that we are really thankful to him!

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