Realistic artwork made by standart ballpoint pen

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It is simply amazing! How is it possible to carry out so accurate portrait only by means of a ball pen, when mistakes are not an option?


The author of these incredible portraits, which are done in ballpoint pen is an African artist Enam Bosokah. The artist got talent by inheritance from his grandfather. Though his father never considered drawing as a profession by means of which it is possible to support a family. Following the dream, and paying a tribute to the talent he entered the university on faculty of arts. . Working long hours overtime Enam, nevertheless, found himself in his own style, which has no name, and the author calls it Freestyle. The artist draws portraits and pictures by a simple ball pen, drawing in the smallest details and making the creations more realistic than the works that could be carried out by paints, a pencil or any other way.

Source: Behance

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