Real stories of human survival in extreme situations

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Clash of aircraft


On August 24, 1981 Larisa Savitskaya came back from a honeymoon trip together with her husband Vladimir. The plane AN-24 was flying from Komsomolsk-on-Amur to Blagoveshchensk. AN-24 collided with a TU-16 bomber at the height of 5200 meters over the city of Zavitinsk. As a result of collision crews of both planes died. AN-24 broke into several pieces and began to fall.


Larisa who was asleep in her chair at the tail of the plane, was awakened by a strong impact and sudden burn, as the temperature sharply dropped to -30 degrees. . Afterwards, rescuers found that Larisa was felling for 8 minutes at the wreckage from a height of 5200 meters. After falling Larisa spent in the wood two days among wreck and corpses. Rescuers were not in hurry to look for her because they were confident that nobody could survive in such plane crash!


Larisa entered the Guinness Book of Records twice - as the person who survived after having fallen from the height of 5200 meters and received amends of only 75 rubles!


127 hours in a trap

In May, 2003 the climber Aron Ralstonav climbed the canyon Blue John which is located in the USA, State Utah. His right hand was cought by a stone boulder. Aron spent in the crevice 5 days and 7 hours, having with him only 2 burritos. The climber had a choice to live or die. Aron chose life for what he had to amputate the wrist by himself using utility knife. Having lost a hand and a huge amount of blood he went down from 20-meter height. Down he met a family of tourists from the Netherlands, who gave him first aid, fed and called for help.


During the time spent chained to the rock Ralston lost 20 kg. Having lost a wrist, Aron didn't lose the sport spirit, he climbed alone the peak of Denali and went down by skis from the height of 7,000 meters. It wasn't his last achievement.


Aron Ralston became a prototype of the main character of the movie "127 hours»


Lost in the mountains

Erick Lemark is an Olympic champion in ice hockey. His hobby and passion is snowboarding. At the next vacation, he went snowboarding to Mammoth Mountain, State California. The strong storm approached the mountains, nevertheless Eric still decided to take the final down-run.

He was caught in heavy fog and got lost. Erick understood that he made a big mistake. He spent 7 days in the mountains, ate pine nuts and pasture.

On the 8th day he found out how to use radio as the compass and searched a track to civilization. After it the rescues found him. Unfortunately his two legs were frostbitten  and were amputated.

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