365 postcards for ants – is the project of Lorraine Loots (20 illustrations)

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365 postcards for ants – is the project of Lorraine Loots. The project consists of miniature paintings done in pencil.


Project was launched in 2013 and has opened for us a second phase. It was called "365 cards for the ants." It got its title not by accident. Lorraine Loots draws so tiny paintings so that you can not see it by naked eye.


In 2015, the author intends to create about 100 miniatures, each of which will have its own special history and identify the theme of the week. Subsequently, all the images are formed in one little book. When you hold it in your hands you have flashback to the childhood of tiny cars and dining sets for dolls.

If you are a fan of the art in miniatures you definitely need to see these miniature books. They are hand made, that is why they carry the soul of the author.

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