Harmony of Nature from Canadian Photographer

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The unbroken beauty of the most incredible places on earth. Elizabeth gives us the harmony of picturesque mountains, forests, fields and oceans. She writes that she aims to “display human interaction with nature in a positive and peaceful way.” Composition and scope of these works reduces the gap between reality and fantasy.


Elizabeth Gadd - twenty years photographer from Canada. She was growing near the beautiful forests, mountains and ocean. She is not simply captured what she sees - Elizabeth takes viewers into the space of her photo. And it seems that these shots are literally breathe.

Each of the photo above is the result of exploration. Abour half of her photos are self portraits, the other half are photos of her friends and family. For question "Why self - portrait?" - she answer that she often lile to be alone.


Elizabeth often capture her photos on Canon 60D with Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens. Her photo are perfect from first time but she edit it in Lightroom after capturing. Sometimes it takes minutes, while other might take several hours, say Elizabeth.


You can Find Elizabeth: WebsiteFlickr

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